60 Second Film: Gettin’ Breakfast


The short film I made is quite simple. A man wakes up and decides he wants some breakfast, but not just anything, he wants cereal. He walks from his bedroom to his kitchen and realizes something. He is too short to reach the cereal on the top of his fridge. After thinking about it, he realizes that he has medication that helps him grow, which will solve his current problem. It doesn’t take too long for him to figure out where the medicine is because his dog has played with it in another room. He quickly slaps the medication out of the dog’s mouth and obtains it. Once he has what he needs, he takes the medication and instantly grows tall. Finally, the man walks back to his kitchen to have some cereal.

Log line: A man is fighting the restrictions of his height for some cereal.

Goal: My goal in this film was to portray someone/something overcoming a struggle.


Was the story coherent/did it make sense?

Did the visuals well represent what was going on in the story?

Feedback from peers

Mix sound quality better

Good animation

Clear conveying of message

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